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Mesothelioma – Small cell lung cancer It´s fantastic that there is medical science and that you can get information on google about malignant mesothelioma. I found out there is about 8-10 months of survival and now I sit here four years later and I am alive. Obviously, this should make every wise doctor wonder. Why is Richard Brixel alive? It cannot be just a strong psyche and a strong body. Because I don’t have a strong body, I am rather quite frail. But I am stubborn and I want to live. Tell me about your diagnosis? In 2014, I was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma at the University Hospital in Örebro after I had a pulmonary collapse. In two different samples they found cells from the mesothelioma. What is that? It’s a fast-growing, small-celled form of cancer that exits from the pleura to the lungs, the spine, the ribs – everywhere. Takes about 6-8 months to ruin a person until you lie helpless like a little bird. What did the doctors tell you? They said that I needed to write my will, and that I should go home and think about how I wanted to spend the last part of my life.

They said that I had about 6-8 months left. Chemotherapy Susanne said that it was good if I went through with the chemotherapy that the doctors had ordered for me. So I did, and right after it was finished and my lungs were examined, I started Susannes treatment in September 2014. What happened when you started with the treatment? The cancer was somehow stabile, since I just had chemotherapy, but the prognosis was still very bad. You were supposed to die? Oh yes, I had about 6 months to live. And what happened when you started with Susannes treatment? What happened was that I´m still alive 4 years later, which is quite remarkable, as far as I can understand.

After all, I´m soon to be 75 and I´m not an athlete. I try to keep my body in good shape, but in my opinion it`s because of Susannes treatment that I´m alive. I´m full of respect for traditional medical care, but in my opinion, I´m alive because of her treatment. CET Cell Energy Treatment Susanne Johansson Immunotherapy How did your doctor react? They gave you 6-8 months to live, and you continued living? This is a form of cancer which in principle can´t disappear. Even the fact that it´s stable is amazing. The doctor said “It´s unreal” My doctor, Mats Larsson, senior doctor at the lungclinic in Örebro, said into a TV-camera that it´s unreal.

That is probably as much as a doctor can say, I guess… I´m alive! To come to Susannes place and get my treatments, it means everything to me. I´m fully convinced that it´s because of her treatments that I´m still alive, and hopefully have some more time left. Against all odds? Yes, that I didn´t die, that was something that surprised some of my friends. They were all very happy and surprised. Some of them keep saying that it must have been the wrong diagnosis, or that it´s because I have a strong psyche etcetera, but after all these years they have stopped trying to find other explanations and accept that there is something in Susannes method that makes me survive. What do the doctors say? I can only answer for the doctors I´ve been in contact with and they are not negative. Their main ambition is to determine if the treatment could potentially hurt me, and they are convinced that that’s not the case. To go from that to point where they are positive about the treatment is to big a step for a doctor in traditional medicine, since they don´t know enough about the treatment.

That would take clinical studies and that Susanne can go through with her research etcetera. Could Susanne´s method bring any change? Susanne is a fantastic person with an enormous amount of knowledge in different areas. When that day comes and the doctors understand how she thinks and how her method works, that day healthcare, hospitalcare and how we take care of patients will be totally different. Could science learn from Susanne Johansson? Yes, I´m absolutely sure that she could spread the knowledge about her method – Yes! For contact: The patients association “Cell Energy Treatment”

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