Cancer Healer Center successfully treats Malignant peritoneal mesothelioma

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He is my husband, Shaukat Khan. He was diagnosed with cancer. He had cancer in the stomach. And we got his chemotherapy done, we were in Apollo Hospital. He had stage one cancer. We started chemotherapy. After that, we were very worried, his stomach used to get full with water. He was bedridden and his condition was really bad. Then someone told us, there are a lot of side effects of chemotherapy. He had severed shortage of blood. Due to this, he had no appetite, he had a lot of weakness. Then somebody suggested us about Cancer Healer Center. We benefited a lot because of the medicines.

When we came here, my husband’s condition was very bad. But since the time we continued the medicines from here, we have benefited a lot. And he has got a good diet now, the water in stomach has also dried up, and we can see improvement in his health day by day. and due to that… …and the best part is the staff of Cancer Healer Center, in all the branches from Delhi to Ahmedabad, Indore, all the doctors in these branches, they tackle the patients very well and they listen to the problems of the patients well and give solutions, and they always treat the patients well.

For this, I am thankful to Cancer Healer Center, due to which my husband’s condition is very good today. .

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